Introduction: A Simple, Proper, Whiskey Sour

About: Years ago I ruined a perfectly good home beer brewing hobby by going pro. Being a recovering engineer, I now tinker a lot at home.

Go to most any bar and ask for a whiskey sour, and the Bartender will usually give you a shot of rail whiskey in a rocks glass with ice, hit it with sour mx off the gun, then top off with soda, throw a swizzle in it, and send you on your way.

save the sour mix for the long island ice tea.

here is how to do it from scratch and open your mind, and taste buds to what it should be.

2 parts whiskey. your choice here, but in my opinion.. do not use anything top shelf sipping whiskey.. geez man.. yer making a cocktail here, don't waste your money or good bourbon whiskey on a cocktail. but still, for stuff around the house. the same rule applies to cooking with wine, never cook with anything you wouldn't drink outright.

in this case. my house whiskey is Virginia Gentleman.  decent, good flavor. and its actually made about 45 minute up the road from me. in Spotsylvania county Virgina. I actually know the guys there, and we use their three year old spent barrels in our wood aging program at the brewery. mid price, decent,  a sipper, or a mixer.

next up.. one part simple syrup.   Simple syrup should be made from scratch.. the ratio is one part water, two parts white sugar. boil to dilute. allow to low boil for about three minutes before killing the heat. let cool. store in a glass jar for further use. I use a old molasses jar

then, one part lemon juice.

the preference is the fresh juice of one lemon. but an ounce of pre-squeeze is okay.

btw, when ever I say a "part"? in this context, I mean an ounce. or, shot... a double of whiskey, single,single SS, and lemon.

combine all in a rocks glass, swizzle, add the ice, then top with soda, then swizzle again..

A classic, vintage cocktail. done right? a beautiful thing.

I'll have to get some more whiskey to explain the proper old school mint Julip