Introduction: A Simple Birdhouse, Recycled Materials

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i got bored today and since it was so fun and  sunny outside i thought of making something nice for the chirping dozen of birdies that always come around my garden to hang out, feed and play.

what you need:

old (5liter) plastic bottle, canister
white paper (or whatever color you want)
clear tape
scissors / cutter
pen or pencil

Step 1: Cut Your Water Bottles and Cover in White Paper

i took my cutter and sliced my water bottles in half, so they become sort of bowls.

i covered them in the white paper, with clear tape all over.

- one of the bottles will be my birdhouse, so i covered all of it in white / tape.
- for the second one of the bottles, i cut little windows like spaces, for them to hang on to while they pick the seeds.
- the third one i cut a little lower, for pouring water in.

the first part of the birdhouse is cutting a piece of cardboard to the size of the bottle mouth / diameter, but i left one site straight, to attach a little roof over it.
i then covered that piece of cardboard in white paper and clear tape aswell. did a silly drawing too :P i know i can draw better but oh well...

Step 2: Attach All Pieces Together and Done

I taped the covered cardboart to the mouth of the covered plastic bottle and secured it real well so they don't leak anywhere in case of rain hitting it. mine will sit under my neighbour's balcony so i don't think there will be much of that happening, but just to be sure. i then covered a thin rectangle in white paper and tape and put it on top of my birdhouse for a bit of shade or just sitting on.

and the birdhouse is DONE!  a fun little recycling projects, for the kids or unexperienced crafters :)

hope you enjoyed this, show me pictures of the ones you make, if you decide to do this.

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