A Simple Personalized Tea Infuser

Introduction: A Simple Personalized Tea Infuser

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I  happen to have a lot of friends who are as big of tea drinkers as myself, so I’m always on the hunt for cute tea accessories. The other day I was looking for personalized tea infusers, but all the ones I found were either ridiculously priced or just not quite right. So I got crafty:

What you will need:
A tea infuser (I got this one from the grocery store for $1.99)
A few beads and/or charms

(see more at my blog: Craft Medley!)

Step 1: Bead It Up

Detach the metal chain from your teaball if possible. Take your headpin and place a few beads and a charm of your choosing.

Place your head pin through the link connecting the teaball hook to the rest of the chain.

Step 2: Secure It

Bend the headpin into a loop and trim off the excess metal - That’s it! Such a simple project that adds a whole lot of personality to your daily cup of tea :)

- Maria 

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    COOL! now if I could just find an infuser that would allow me to make a pot of tea at a time....

    I always buy loose teas....seldom in tea bags. Not saying anything against it, I just buy my teas loose cuz that is how I like them...

    Good Instructable, well written, I like! :)

    Not that I would ever have one like this on my cup...needs to be more....macho....more testosterone laden & less female looking for me. No Offense Ma'am.