A Simple Project Using Rhinoceros and the Epilog Laser Cutter



Introduction: A Simple Project Using Rhinoceros and the Epilog Laser Cutter

This instructable shows how to build a simple 2D model on Rhinoceros and then how to cut it using the Epilog laser cutter.

Step 1: Design the 2D Model Using Rhinoceros

You first need to choose the 2D shape for your piece and design it using a modeling software capable of generating an .STL file, which you later will upload to the laser cutter. I have used Rhinoceros  http://www.rhino3d.com . Since I was new to the software, I had decided to follow a tutorial on designing a 2D piece: http://www.aversis.be/tutorials/rhinoceros/rhino_2d_drawing.htm

Step 2: Make Sure the Your Design´s Dimensions Match the Desired Size of Your Piece

Your model has a corresponding physical size that you must make sure fits the laser cutter´s actual working area. Rhinoceros allows you to do that. The figure shows how....

Step 3: Save Your File Using STL Extension

After you accounted for the size, save your design using the STL extension, which will be used to upload it to the laser cutter.

Step 4: Set Up the Epilog and Load It.

Now you must load the material to the laser cutter and set up the origin, power and frequency. You can define the origin (0,0) by moving the laser cutting head manually. However, be careful to disengage the motors before you move the laser cutting head, otherwise you can damage the machine. You can easily disengage the motors by pressing the appropriate button on the front panel of the Epilog, as indicated in the figure below.

It is also necessary to set up the laser cutter using the following parameters

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