Introduction: A Simple Step to Revive a Dead Ni-MH Battery


This is my first instructable. In this instructable i will show to all how to revive a dead battery( means the battery wont charge and will show 0V reading).

A few deays back i bought a pack of Ni-MH battery of 2400mAh. But some in them was not charging. So i had to search a lot to find a proper solution to revive the battery. So let me tell you the steps through which i got them working again.

Step 1: Cheking the Battery

First let us check weather the battery has any juice left in them after charging them for a while so that we can confirm that the battery is dead.

Here in the image you can see a dead Ni-MH battery.

Step 2: Reviving the Battery

Next we must take a similar battery of the same mAh which is fully charged.Then we have to connect the positive terminal of the fully charged battery to the positive of the dead battery and similarly connect the negative terminals.

Let the batteries be connected for a few seconds almost 20-30 sec. Then immediately check the battery voltage of the dead battery, if u see a reading above the 0 value then you can be sure that the battery is revived.

If the battery is still dead try the step again, i had a problem with 1 battery which did not work for this step the first time, later after some 3 tries it worked and is good as new. If you are still having problem check weather you are using a full charge battery for reviving the dead one.

Ones the battery is revived charge it until it is full.

That's all for this instructable.

Step 3: Explanation

"Some batteries die when a short developes between the positive and negative terminals of the battery This happens a lot with NiCd batteries and can happen with other chemistries. The short is caused by a metalic dendrite crystal. The electric charge between the two terminals of the battery encurages dendrite formation.

by connecting a fully charged battery to the dead shorted battery you willl get very high current flow through the dendrite. That will casue it to get hot and melt. Hopfully that breaks the short. Modern lithium ion batteries rarely short out in this way. Also lithium ion batteries are very sensitive to overcharging. If they overcharge they can catch fire . So I would not recommend this with lithium ion batteies." Thank you steven4872 for the explanation.