A Simple Telegraph

Introduction: A Simple Telegraph

Well this is a simple telegraph that I made back in my school years. The reason I am sharing it is because this project was the motivation behind my decision to go for Electrical Engineering at Bachelors level. It's an outdated technology but some people just like to relive history so this is for people out there who like the dit dah of telegraph.

Step 1: Okay the Materials!

Well here are the materials that you'll be requiring:
Something for the base .. I used wood. Decide the dimensions yourself.
Nuts and bolts of various diameters .. whatever is suited to your needs.
Wire,wire and then some more wire.
Batteries .. I used the alkaline cells cheap and easy to get.
Some metallic strips( used in making the sound of dit dah)

Alright when you have these things you are all set.

Step 2: Small Overview of the Working.

This telegraph is revolving around a very basic idea. I have used an electromagnet .. take a nail for the iron core and wrap enough turns of coil around it to give you an estimate magnetic field strength. Now when the switch is turned on current passes through the wire creating a magnetic field in the vicinity thus causing the metallic strip to come down and strike the nail.When it is switched off, the strip goes up and hits the other nail thus vibrating and producing a sound. If you turn the circuit on for long, you'll get a long sound like that of a dash and if you quickly press and release it, you'll get a dot. Experiment with it for a while and you'll get the hang of it. So far so good. To establish communication between two telegraphs you just need to connect their switches together. Now when you press the switch on one telegraph,it will activate the other telegraph thus sending a message !Voila mission accomplished.

Step 3: Morse Code

Now that you are all done and set to go here's the Morse Code. You can get it off the internet easily but im adding it for convenience.

Happy Coding :)

A  .-
B  -...
C  -.-.
D  -..
E  .
F  ..-.
G  --.
H  ....
I  ..
J  .---
K  -.-
L  .-..
M  --
N  -.
O  ---
P  .--.
Q  --.-
R  .-.
S  ...
T  -
U  ..-
V  ...-
W  .--
X  -..-
Y  -.--
Z  --..
0  -----
1  .----
2  ..---
3  ...--
4  ....-
5  .....
6  -....
7  --...
8  ---..
9  ----.
Fullstop  .-.-.-
Comma  --..--
Query  ..--..

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