Introduction: A Simple Trick That (Most Of)you Didn't Know About IPod Touch

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as my Other instructable wasn't popular at all , i would like to contribute with a small trick in the i(phone)pod Touch.

The Main purpose of this trick is taking snapshots within the Device , using only your bare hands and the device itself .

(it works only in software 2.0 )

Step 1: First and Last Step

Since this isn't a OMG-supah-long-'ible I will use a single page
((here's The Video BTW) In HD)

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-An iPod Touch or iPhone with 2.0 firmware
-A single Hand

-The iCable (the cable that came "free" when you bought your device
-Computer (duh!)

Main Steps
1-Turn On the Device
2-Prepare whatever you're going to take a picture
3-Press the POWER and the HOME button in the device simultaneously,
The screen should flash once.
4- Repeat as necessary

Step 2: To View the Picture(s)

In the Device :
1-Turn on the device
2-Tap "Photos" (the small icon with a flower)
3-Go to "Saved Pictures"
4- Select Desired Picture

In the Computer , You can choose either sending it in a e-mail , or downloading it direct from the Device
E-mail Method (first set of images)
Direct Method (second set of pictures)

Easy as That !