Introduction: Wasted Oil Powered Mini and Cheap Backyard and Camp Stove

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In this instructable, I will show you how to make a cheap and portable stove, like a BioLite stove, that is powered by wasted vegetable oil. You can use this stove in the backyard, on the veranda, even carry this small stove to a picnic or when going camping. You don't need to spend more than $1 to make this stove. You can't charge anything with this stove, but it is 130 times cheaper than a BioLite stove.

Step 1: Ingredients

1.A tin can(I found this can from mushroom can)





6.vegetable oil

Step 2:

You need to cut a small strip from the can so that oxygen can enter in the can and burn the oil.To cut the strip-

1.At first take the tin can.Then make a small hole.I made the hole with hammer and pin

2.Then put a scissor on the hole and cut a small strip from the can can like the picture

Step 3:

Now cover the can with something like paper so that you don't burn your hand accidently while the stove is running.To cover the can take some paper.Then fold it in the can's size and cover the can with the paper.Use tape to attach the paper with the can.

Step 4:

Take some tissues and then make a shape like the picture and then put it in the can

Step 5:

Then pour some wasted oil(I used fresh oil but wasted oil also worked for me) in the can.Make sure that the top of the tissue doesn't get wet with the oil.

Your stove is ready.I boiled 350 ml water in 3 minutes with this stove.You have to put a match in the can to light up the stove and you need cover the hole with something to put off the fire like the video.

Warning: Don't move the stove anywhere while it is running.

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