Introduction: A Stronger Mini-u Bike Holder

Here is my first instructables.

I recently purchased a mini-u bike lock, very handy, compact, but supplied with a poor holder.
I decided to replace this bike holder. Here is the result.

Step 1: The Original One

The original u-bike holder does not fit into my frame and it is impossible to tighten it around  the seat post.

Step 2: Looking for Replacement

I found an evacuation pipe. The mini-U fits into it perfectly. I cutted the exact length of the orange part of the mini-U.

Step 3: Let's Transform the Pipe

I've made 3 consecutives adjustements, in order to install the pipe under the saddle, with cable tie.

The first one, I cutted the half extremity of the pipe.
Then ,  I drilled a hole.
And then, at the opposite of the hole,  I've made a little notch. The cable tie will fit into this notch. The pipe won't slip off the cable tie.

Step 4: The Amazing Cable Ties

God bless the inventor of cable ties. What wonderfull things I can do with it !
I used two huge cable ties, a specific tool is needed to tighten cable ties (by hand it' impossible !)

Step 5: Installing the Mini-U Lock

First, I put the straight part into the pipe.
Then I install the U part.

Thanks to the specific saddle shape, I'm able to lock the mini-U with its key ( Not so many room).

Step 6: Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my little bidouille (it means hack in french !)
Sorry for my english, I try every day to speak better and better (it's so difficult).

I think it's possible to use a longer pipe, when the saddle has got a different shape.

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