A Suspended Garden Bridge

Introduction: A Suspended Garden Bridge

I chose this design to construct a garden bridge.

Step 1: Woodwork Mainly

The arched bridge standing in the garden for over 15 years was old enough and I had to construct a new one. More modern to change the landscape. So, I decided a suspended, one-pole with inox wiring.

The wooden construction is simple, with two long beams 140cm, vertical, connected with 30cm cross beams over them. The two poles attached in the sides had to bear the wiring.

Step 2: Wiring

The inox wires were cut in various lengths (45, 65, 95cm) and eyeholes were fixed at their ends, carefully soldered.

Step 3: Fixing

The eyholes were fixed with screws on the inner side of the poles and the other end on the outer side of the long beams to be kept straight. Take care that they can afford any temperature change, they might loosen or pulled so tightly that can brake. The best solution might be a spring with continuous tense, but it comes complicated.

Step 4: Assembled

The bridge was painted repeatedly, covered with teak oil, prepared and assembled with the wiring before it was carried to its position.

Step 5: A Pebble Stream

To complete the scenery I had to create a stream. The contrast with the green plants were light rose marble pebbles put on fibran pieces, to avoid mixed with the soil and become dirty soon. They can be easily washed, to revive their colour. As banks were selected dark green stones to keep them inside.

Step 6: The Result

Decorating my front garden over the pebble stream attracts everyone's attention. It is not the most advanced prototype bridge, but I used wood, wire and simple art and ENJOYED it a lot!.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is so cool! I love that it's not your typical arched garden bridge.

    A finished photo of it would be great in the intro. Just a tip! :)