Introduction: A Swing Easy to Make and to Take With You

With these instruction you can build your own swing in a matter of hours and that is easily to take with you.

Step 1: The Materials You Need

To make the swing you need:

  • one cirkel of wood you can choose what kind of diameter you want;
  • a 10 meter strong rope (you can choose the lenght);
  • 1 carabiner;
  • a knife to cut the robe ;
  • a toolbox saw;
  • an other peace of smal thin rope;
  • a weight of a few grams
  • a drill

Step 2: Making the Seat

First of all you need to have a cirkel of wood the diameter doesn't matter.

The second thing you have to make is a hole in the middel of te seat for the the rope to fit through

the third thing you have to make at each quarter of the cirkel are 4 gaps you can saw that out. The reason you need those four gaps is because if you take your swing with you, you can role the rope in those four caps so you need to have one hand to transport the swing

Step 3: Making the Knots

The first knot is for under the seat this will hold the seat up when you sit on it.

The second knot is for hight adjustment for the seat this is how you make the knot:

  1. make a loop in the rope and hold it
  2. then you have to take the upper part en put it over the rest of the loop
  3. at least je have to put the upper part of the loop and put it in de cirkel you see in the third picture
  4. at least tight the loop very good and poot

You also have to make that kind of knot at the end of the robe so you can adjust the hight. If you done this you can put the carabiner on that knot.

Step 4: Putting the Extra Rope On

Use an peace of thin rope and a weight and put them together tight.

The reason why you need this is because when you have a big tree you have to sway the weight over a branch and than you can easily take the weight down again and your swing goes up

than put the carbiner on a loop at the hight you want and you are ready to swing ENJOY!