A Trapezoidal Lamp (Christmas' Gift for Parents)

Introduction: A Trapezoidal Lamp (Christmas' Gift for Parents)

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I used this one as an inspiration to make my DIY version.

My version looks almost the same, but I did that for around... ok, I am not going to write how much did it cost, it is a present!!!

Step 1: The Materials

All you need is:

1. Very strong wood glue
2. A lightbulb holder
3. An electric wire with on/off switch
4. Wood paint (your favourite color)
5. Copal paint 
6. Wood
7. Brushes
8. Wood screws

Step 2: Cut the Wood and Sand It!

The very first thing to do is to cut the wood and sand it.

Step 3: Make the Holes

I cut two holes.
They serve to let the electric wire pass. 

Step 4: Paint the Wood

Now you can paint the wood the way you prefer.
The important thing here is to use some refinishing paint on the coloured paint.

Step 5: Assembly!

The final step is to assembly the pieces.
You should use both screws and glue to fix the wood pieces.

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