Introduction: An Easy Way to Controll Your Arduino Pins From the Internet. (No Port Forwarding)

Control Arduino pins from the internet, without using complex port port forwarding setups on your firewall.
As long as the Arduino is connected to your network and has a valid IP address you will be able to change the
Pin statuses On and Off.

Step 1: What You Need to Get Started

List of things needed

1. Arduino UNO R3 (Or any other arduino that it compatible with the Arduino Ethernet)
2. Arduino Ethernet shield attached to the UNO.
3. Arduino Sketch which can be downloaded from or Download the Sketch Here
4. a LED connected to the GND and Pin 7 on the Arduino for testing (Later on you can add your own relays and Transistors)
5. A Griblinks Account (Dont worry its completly free!)

Step 2: Register With Http://

Register with
All you need to do is give your email ,  password and a name there are no other nagging forms to fill and sign your life away :-)

Download the Sketch File

Step 3: Download the GribLinks Sketch

Open the sketch with the Arduino sketch editor, and give it a valid IP in your IP range.

Change the email address to the one you used to register with griblinks,

Change the security secret key to the key which griblinks have created for you, you can find the code in the
edit profile menu

Upload the sketch

Step 4: Your Done!

Give the Arduino some time to get its bearings together, Sometimes its a bit over whelmed, But once its starts hitting GribLinks , It
will become more stable.

The code in the sketch prints some usefull serial info
So you can use the serial monitor to see what its doing,.

Make sure the sketch has a valid and unuiqe IP before uploading the sketch to the Arduino
the IP is placed with , and not .  as in dots not  as usual I.E  it has to be like this { 192, 168, 1, 2  }

Make sure that other devices on the network such as a laptop or Ipad has live internet access to be sure you dont have network problems

Only change code as described in this tutorial, LAter when things are running you can go whild and change it the way you like.

Watch the YouTube video if you get stuck.