Introduction: A Workaround to LinkIt ONE's Port Poblem

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Many of us, LinkIt ONE owners, have had problems with correct ports not showing. Some managed to solve that problem by working on another computer, others didn't benefit from that.

Through research and use of many, many computers with different operating systems I have found out that problems are most commonly found when working on win7 64 bit but don't worry, this 'Ible won't just tell you to upgrade to windows 10. I have found a better solution.

Step 1: Power of Virtual Machines

To use this method you will need 15 GB of disk space and a PC that isn't exactly a potato is desired.

Start by installing VM Ware Player. Download free trial and install as usually. I will not walk you through installation as it is pretty straight forward. At the end of installation you will be asked to enter serial - don't do it. just follow instructions for activating free non commercial licence.

You can also use virtual box but I won't explain process here as it is quite similar and VM Ware is a bit better at least in my opinion.

Step 2: Obtaining Different Windows

For next step I will assume you have a legitimate copy of windows. Go to this site and enter your windows serial key. Wait for confirmation and choose language. Next select bit version that is different from the one you are running on your device and download image (If you are running windows 7 64 bit, choose 32 bit version). Download might take long but there is nothing you can do about it...

Step 3: Making Virtual Windows

What is left to do is to create a virtual machine. Follow steps in images above and let windows install. From there on you must install Arduino SDK, LinkIt ONE SDK plugin and follow all other steps for installing ports. From there on it is all straight forward and exactly the same as with any other machine.

I hope this helps as Mediatek's LinkIt ONE board ain't bad - it just has a few problems which I bet will be fixed soon. Until that time - we have to be ingenuitive and find workarounds for given problem.