ABOK 792



Introduction: ABOK 792

Ashley Book Of Knots # 792 makes a nice lanyard knot.

I have also used it as luggage I.D., zipper pull and key ring fob

Step 1:

Fold a cord in half to make a bight at the bottom.

I am showing cords of different colors (grey on the left and white on the right) to show placement of cords

Make an overhand knot.

Step 2:

Tie a second overhand knot beneath the first. Grey and white ends are back to the left and right sides.

Step 3:

Place dowel or pencil over knot and bring left hand end (grey) over pencil and through bight on upper right.

Step 4:

Turn the knot over and bring same end down from the bight across knot (left hand image)

Bring the left hand end (white) over and through the bight on the upper right.

Step 5:

Turn the knot over and bring the same end down to the right through the bight that covers the pencil.

Step 6:

Remove the pencil and slightly tighten the knot

Grey and white ends are again at their atarting sides of the knot

Locate the top center of the knot - between the crossings of the white and grey (right hand photo)

Step 7:

Bring either end around its own color (white in this case) and up through the center of the knot.

Step 8:

Bring the other end up through the center of the knot

Step 9:

The knot is complete - now tighten.

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