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A fun and easy springtime activity...Imagine what is below the ground and paint it using mud!

Step 2: Supplies


Watercolors (the only color you will need is blue, any diluted water base paint or even food coloring can be used)




MUD PAINT that you are going to make yourself!

Step 3: Making the MUD Paint

In a small jar add a tablespoon or two of dirt. Fill the jar with water, put the lid on and shake it up.

Put the jar on a shelf and let things settle down. This can take a few days so you must be patient.

Step 4: In the Meantime....

Work on your crayon drawing.

Draw a light pencil line across the paper. This will indicate what goes above the ground and what is below. Do your drawing and make sure you press firmly with the crayon. Make your drawing bright and colorful.

Step 5: Back to the Mud Paint

When your soil is settled carefully pour the water off the top, try not to disturb the dirt too much, you don't want to mix it up again.

If you see any small roots or bits of anything thing else try to gently pick them out.

Step 6: Paint Underground

Tilting the jar slightly, dip the brush in the watery area of the "mud" and paint the underground section. If you want it darker or muddier just add more paint. As long as you pressed hard enough with the crayon the wax in the crayon will "resist" the paint and the detail will show through.

Step 7: Finish

Finish your painting with the blue covering all the areas above the ground, again, the crayoned details will resist the paint.

Have fun!