Introduction: AC Detector Circuit With Awesome Application

Hi. Today I am going to show you How To make AC detector.

Speaking about AC or alternating currents, it is far more dangerous than DC. It can easily kill you if the voltage is 220v or 110v city power.

Before touching any live wire always make sure no high voltage is available there.

So, how you can check it?

Let's See

Step 1: Watch the Video and Know the Important Information


Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Gather All the Components and the Parts List

Parts List:

IC 4017:-

16 Pin IC Base

BC 547 Transistor:

100uf Capacitor:

1K Resistor:

1 LED:

Push Botton:

Varo Board

Step 4: Build the Circuit on the Varo Board and Test It

Step 5: IC 4017 Pin Out

Step 6: Use It & Stay Safe From High Voltage