Introduction: ADD-E Bike Kit

ADD-E is the kind of tool that everyone would like to have. It really makes our life easier. Weather you ride the bike from your home to the local store, or maybe to your job, sometimes we feel tired and would pay money to make our bike ride itself.

ADD-E makes it possible to turn your bike into an electric bike whenever you want, but surely, you can also remove the add-e kit whenever you want, and ride your bike and lose calories when needed.

Here i'm explaining the process on how to mount the add-e on any bike.

Step 1: How to Mount the ADD-E Kit Into the Bike

If you have bought the add-e, than you probably are wondering how to mount it into the bike. The steps are easy and only takes 1 minute to complete it.

First step is to mount the batter bottle.

Step 2: Mount the ADD-E Motor

After you have mounted the add-e bottle with the battery on it, you than an mount the add-e motor.

You can also check the process on

Step 3: Mount the Metallic Part Near the Tire

After you finished the step 2, than you will have to mount the final tool, the crank puller into your bike.

Step 4: Ride Your E-Bike

After main three steps are completed, you are ready to ride an electronic bike.

It is as simple as that, it doesn't require anything more.

And all of this process can finish within 1 minute.