Introduction: ADM Computer Build

Welcome! This is a tutorial to teach you folks how to assemble a PC!

Step 1: Safety

Before you begin, you must remember some safety precautions.

1. Use anti-static mat/wrist strap whenever possible.

2. Be aware of EMD.

3. Be aware of Power Supply. HIGH VOLTAGE CAN KILL YOU!

Step 2: The Parts You Will Need

You will need these parts:

1. Motherboard

2. CPU

3. Heat sink and fan for CPU

4. Ram

5. Power Supply

6. Case

7. HDD/SSD some sort of drive.

8. SATA cable (Not shown)

9. (Optional) Video Card

Step 3: Insert CPU

Insert the CPU. Remember: This should be a zero force instillation. If it doesn't seat by its self, DON"T PUSH IT!

check if any of the pins are bent and that you have it positioned correctly.

Step 4: CPU Heat Sink and Fan

Apply an amount of thermal paste to the CPU approximately the size of a grain of rice.

Attach the Heat sink and fan.

Step 5: Install Ram

Insert Ram.

remember to align the pin and notch for the Ram.

Step 6: Video Card

Depending on you build you may have a video card.

Determine what extension slot it goes in.

Insert video card.

Step 7: Install Motherboard

Insert the standoffs according to your motherboard. Cases can usually support multiple different sizes of Motherboards.

Place motherboard on standoffs and screw in.

Step 8: Insert Hard Drive

Check how your hard drive is attached. Ours is a tool-less insertion. Others may screw in, or have screws that screw into the hard drive and are used as pins for a tool-less insertion system.

Step 9: Power Supply

Insert the power supply. screw it in if necessary.

Plug in the 24 pin connector to the motherboard.

Plug in the 4 pin connector to the motherboard.

Plug in the SATA power to the hard drive.

Plug in the power to the video card (if applicable)

Step 10: Front Bus

Attach all connections correctly. Follow Labels on the contacts and motherboard.

Step 11: Extra Fans

Insert and connect all additional fans.

Step 12: Cable Management

Adjust cables so they are out of the way of all components including fans.

Step 13: DONE!

Yay! Your done! close up your case and plug it in. see if it post. if not begin troubleshooting.