Introduction: ADSC(Alternating Direction Space Conservation)

This device is designed to maximize the amount of plant for the amount of space by utilizing a plants natural tendency to grow toward a light in space.

The above pictures depict a simple mock design I made to help explain my reasoning. Red represents solid walls, silver represents reflectors, and purple represents lights. The plant will start in the first chamber entrance and grow towards the reflection of the light closest to the entrance. Once it reaches the reflector it will the turn towards the light itself that will then turn off after the allotted time given to that plant to reach that point is up. The next light is turned on and the proses repeats all the way through both chambers. une the plant reaches the end of the second chamber, all of the lights will turn on giving the plant all the light it needs.

Now, each of these chambers is 25cm by 25cm by 50cm (1:1:2) and restrict the plants space to a very small passageway. This is good for plants like peas that are small and have a small long fruit, but what about a larger fruit such as a tomato. Because each of the boxes are only 1/4 of the allowed size, two v2 boxes can be placed in the space with a two"nursery" chamber filling the alternating spots (like a checkerboard). V2 boxed are for large fruit plants, they have one cm "bud holes" that when set up according to astronauts individual needs will bear let the bud out into a empty or "nursery" chamber where the fruit can be harvested.

V1 boxes can cultivate four (4) small fruit plants within a 50 cm cube, while V2 boxes can cultivate two (2) medium to large fruit plants in the same space.


3D printer

PLA/ABS Filament

Fine mesh

Purple (or white) led


Wood glue

staple gun.

wood board(1cm)

drill bit (1cm)

Aluminum foil

Step 1: Print the "pot"

First step consists simply of printing the pot. This pot is designed to hold a plant in a sturdy position and provide water. There is a pipe with an inner width of 3 cm and indentations to help the water supply hose stay affixed. within the pot there are 484.838392 cm3 of root and dirt room for the plant (about 190 in3). in a later step we will need to put a mesh over the end of the water pipe to prevent dirt flowing into the water supply.

Step 2: The Chamber

The main chamber is what consists of the bud holes and the lighting system. In the model mirrors (or aluminium foil) are grey and lights are purple this part will be constructed out of metal with wood lining and is about fifty percent of the overall project.

Step 3: Supports

In the very end all that will need to be added are supports and any other minor adjustments that are needed to make the design work.