Introduction: AEG Gearbox Takedown

Hello to all of you out there who play airsoft in any way shape or form, this ible is going to show you how to takedown any AEG to the gearbox, and then inside the gearbox.  I will, if applicable label any and all parts of the gearbox, and the gun.  This is for my M4-TC (yes it has a full stock but no it is not an M16) but works with any AR15 variant, but only modified how to get to the gearbox.  (the only differences are how to get the stock off)

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage you cause to yourself, your gun, or your gearbox if you do not feel comfortable taking apart your gun, don't attempt this.

To find out how to put it back together go to the link below (no that is not me, just a really good reviewer, and yes I have permission to link this)

Here is a video on how to take it apart

Step 1: Tools

For this you will need:
A small, and a medium phillips head screwdriver (one will need to be considerably long)
One flat head screw driver
an Allen Key, or a Torx screwdriver (it depends on the gun, it will be the same screws on the bottom of the pistol grip)

Step 2: Safety First

First you need to clear the gun after removing the magazine, then disconnect the battery as well, set the selector switch to safe

Step 3: Remove Upper Reciever

There is a pin in the front that needs to be pushed to the opposite side, it will still be connected, but it will be out of the way.  Then pull back on the charging handle and pull off the upper reciever

Step 4: Removing the Stock

Move onto the stock, if you have a full stock (M4-tc or m16) then remove the screws on the top and bottom.  Then you can remove the entire butt plate.
If you have an LE or Crane stock then remove it by pulling it out as far as it goes, then pull on the opposite side and pull it off (the next part is the same for both)

Then you must locate the screw where the buffer tube, or stock meet with the body of the gun, remove this screw.  The longer screwdriver is helpful here.

Step 5: Off With His Stock

Now, you can just simply pull the stock off, however you will need to then twist of this metal cylinder thing (only for full stocks) and save that off to the side

Step 6: Remove the Motor and Pistol Grip

Next, you need to remove the motor from the pistol grip, and then the screws holding the pistol grip to the gearbox can be removed and the gearbox will be attached only to the lower reciever

NOTE be very very careful when taking the wires from the motor, because they can get frayed or broken, i suggest using needlenose pliers.

Step 7: Final Threads

Remove the rear screw (flat head) and the little pin above the trigger.

As well you will need to remove the magazine catch by either removing a screw, or if there isn't one present then pushing the magazine release all the way and spinning the other side until it comes off.

Step 8: Magic

Now this step here is crucial, you must switch the gun to semi auto to get out the gearbox

Step 9: Getting Inside

To get inside of the gearbox you need to undo all of the screws holding it in place, these will usually be the same as the ones used to hold in the pistol grip bottom plate.  After removing the last screw carefully flip the gearbox over and put your long screwdriver in the hole in the back as far as it will go.  Push down very slightly.

Step 10: Removing the Shell

Remove the top shell just enough to get the spring out, you do this so you don't lose anything, then open it up.  I have labeled all of the parts so you can understand it later (I will label some of them in other steps as well)

Step 11: Upper Gearbox

The parts are below for the upper gearbox

Step 12: Gears

These are the gears mind the shims (the washers)
take them out in the order:
sector gear
bevel gear and anti reversal latch
spur gear

Step 13: Trigger and Safety

Take out the trigger, and the safety bar which allows the safety to work (kind of important)

Step 14: Trigger Switch and Cutoff Lever

I don't have pics for this one, but check out the vids in the intro to watch these parts, and good luck taking apart your gearbox!!