Introduction: AESTHTIC Desk Made From Books

Don't let those dusty books on the shelf or in your back corner just sit there! (I know you have them >:() Get up, grab some tools, and make a stylish and wonderfully aesthetic desk!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

In order to build this, you're going to need:

A BUNCH of books

An old chair

A power drill

Some nails

Multi-Tool (Just in case!)

A Sizable Piece of Lumber (8 dollars at MOST at Home Depot if you don't have one)

Sanding Paper (To Make those edges spicy and clean)

Wood Glue

Step 2: Unscrew Seat

Because we don't want to sit in it, we'll want to unscrew the seat first!

Step 3: Unscrew Seat

Next, we'l want to open up the wooden frame so we can use less materials. By taking out a single side, we'll have a side where we can leave it untouched against the wall.

Step 4: Take Out the Ribs of the Seat

After that, we practically gut out the seat's backside so we could use the scrap desk frame that holds up the books and hidden compartment!

Step 5: Reapply Backside and Cut Off Remaining Wood

Because we originally took off the back side, we need to nail it back on and then proceed to cut out the remaining wood. But when I was doing just that, the bottom of the wood started to splinter so I grabbed some wood glue, applied it on the breaking area, and had a rubber band apply constant pressure so i didn't have to sit there pushing it together for 30 minutes straight!

Step 6: Use Scrap Wood and Make a Grid Inside Chair

Using the original wood from the backside of the chair, I began to screw three of the rib pieces onto the bottom of the seat. This allows a section for the books to be held from it, and a lower section that could hold pencils, notebooks, and anything you want, really.

Step 7: Add Lumber Piece and Stand

After that, I cut a piece of lumber I got from some older project into the right proportions and used hinges to make it go up and down. To make it stay stood up, I got one of the pieces of extra lumber I had, made a groove in the desk, and made a strut!

Step 8: Add Books

Once the desk is finished, you can now apply the books in whatever arrangement you want. They can be large books, small books, Korean books, or even a Harry Potters novel in Spanish. Who cares, its up to you.

Step 9: Profit!

Good job! Now you have yourself an aesthetic piece of furniture. You can now put books inside it, and have a secret compartment behind it, one where you could put just about anything. Thank you!

Step 10: Video

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