Introduction: Agrobot

About: I am interested in robotics.

AG robot means Agricultural uses of Robot. It makes plough method seed drilling and sowing process. It is controlled by TV remote mobile and computer control. It is used in nurseries and indoor garden.For farmers when rainy season they could not able to work for that i'll made this Robot.It has wireless camera,when farmer going do his work in rainy season, he could operate the robot by seeing his television.It is water resistant.This robot has district level first prize in 1st and 2nd Level and 3rd prize in state level competition in VIT vellore.

Materials Required :

Arduino ATmega

RF transmitter and Receiver

DTMF Board

Strip led

Wireless camera



Acryllic sheet

5kg torque motor 4pieces

Track wheel and belt (For plough method)

12v battery 2pieces

7805 regulator 2pieces

normal wheel 3pieces

2kg torque motor 2pieces

Step 1: Robot Circuit

Step 2: Making