Introduction: AK-47 Tuiles

Hi instructables,

This is my first post and is a fairly straight forward one. This Tuile I made on a slow day at work. Tuiles are very thin delicate biscuits, usually used to decorate desserts. They tend to be formed in triangle shapes but I figured I would try something different. So here I bring you the favourite sugary snack of every despotic world leader, the AK47-Tuile.

Step 1: Make Mold

First draw your shape onto paper (badly in my case), this will be transfered onto your stencil/

The best thing I found to make a stencil for the biscuit is thin plastic. I used an ice cream lid. First draw your desired shape onto the lid, then carve out with a craft knife. Clean acurate edges are inportant as small mistakes will be accentuated in the final biscuit.

Step 2: Once You Have Stencil Make Mix


100g icing sugar
85g flour
3 egg whites

The usual process is to start with the flours and add the egg whites a bit at a time, until a smooth paste is achieved. It is hardly worth using a food processor as there is such little paste (it goes a long way as these biscuits are paper thin)

If you want chocolate ones replace about 20% of the flor with coco powder.

Wet a tray a little and line with grease proof, the water will help keep the greaseproof flat while you apply the paste.

Spray with grease spay or butter well.

Now carefully paste over your stencil, using a palate knife or a bread scraper. Pull the stencil off carefully.

Weigh down the greaseproof with teaspoons or something suitable.

Step 3: Bake

Bake at 170 for 5 mins and then check every 2 mins until set. They burn really easily and it will take a while to get them just right. Leave to cool before removing.

These work for any shape you want and are a great way to decorate desserts. Also really tasty. They are very delicate though so you will lose a few removing them from the greaseproof.

Hope helpful, sorry about the naff pictures but I could my Nikon is playing up so I am stuck with phone cam for now.