Introduction: AKAI LCT2715 Power Supply Removal

How to disassemble your AKAI LCT2715 to access the Power Supply

Step 1:

You are going to need a Phillips ( X ) Screwdriver for this proceedure.

The first thing you will want to do is find a suitable location to disassemble the TV. Try to find somewhere with plenty of space to work and preferably somewhere you will not have any hazards such as static (like carpet)

Lay the TV Flat on its face (picture side down) and remove the 4 screws from the back of the TV holding the base on.

Next you will want to process to remove the screws around the back cover. There are 12 screws you will need to remove (refer to picture for locations).

Carfully remove the back panel of the TV. It may snag on the coaxial connector so be careful.

Step 2:

Once you have the back off of the TV you can see the Main board and power supply covers.

You will now need to remove the left (right side from the back) speaker cover to allow access to two of the screws holding the Power Supply Cover in place. This is easy and pretty straight forward and has 8 screws around the perimeter.

Once you have the speaker cover off you should be able to access the screws on the side and you will also want to remove the other screws from around the sides of the cover. Some TV's I have worked on only had 6 where others had 7 or 8. Just make sure to remove all of the screws before trying to remove the cover.

Once you have the cover removed you will see the Power supply. Remove the wiring harnesses from the power supply board. You will have 4 cables at the top of the power supply and one main power input at the bottom. The main power input may have some glue securing it in place. Simply cut this with a knife or pull it loose.

Once you have the cables off of the power supply you can remove it from the TV via the screws on the 4 corners. Be careful not to damage anything as you remove these screws.

Thats it. You now have the Power Supply removed from the TV and ready to pack and ship.

I suggest placing the power supply in bubble wrap (preferably anti static) and placing it in a box of packing peanuts or some other thick cushioning media.

Step 3: Example of Power Supply in Need of Reconditioning

Here is a power supply that is in need of repair/reconditioning. As you can see in this case the power supply capacitor array on the power output side have become bulged and are starting to leak. This is one cause for the power supply to be unstable and unable to provide appropriate power to the LCD.

The following pictures illustrate the bulging/leaking capacitors as well as the capacitors removed and new capacitors installed.

Step 4:

If you would like to have your power supply professionally repaired/reconditioned contact me. I offer this service at a reasonable price and I have very quick turn around times so you can get you TV back to working order fast!