Introduction: AKINA - My Evo

Here is my Baby.
I will list the Mods as well as some simple walk though of how I did the wiring so maybe that will justify it a bit.

Main Image: Engine Bay

Performance Mods
K&N Typhoon Intake and UICP
Synapes Diverter Valve
HKS blow off valve piping comming off the LICP
Vacuum Block
Grimmspeed 3 port boost solenoid
JDM Sports Strut Brace
AN Fittings and steel Braided hoses for most of the Vacuum Lines  ( this was to make it easier breaking stuff down as much as show plus the should be more resilient)

Performance Mods not Visible:
MAP Performance O2 Eliminating Downpipe
200 Cell Hi Flow Cat
Invidia Q300 Exhaust
Tuned ROM by Golden Evo

Picture 2: Main Engine Bay

Show No Go Mods
CF Engine Cover: I took the rear diamond Badge when I de badged her and used a heat gun to make the badge contour to the engine cover better and used 3M tape to affix it . The Mitsi Motorsis just vinyl but has lasted )
CF Radiator Cover
The CF Fuse Box covers were Free because they messed up my order.
CF Hood Struts I always put hood struts on every car it is so much easier to work on her without the prop rod

Picture 3 : Interior Mods
AEM Boost Guage
AEM Wide Band
2 Port A Pillar Cover ( Panted it Black )
CF Passenger side A Pillar
Left side of steering wheel is audio controls and Traction toggle ( Tarmac, Gravel, Snow ) is located in center console
TWM Short Shifter
Burnt Titanium Shift Knob
Radar Detector is hard wired in. The Red button next to the Traction control button is a custom MUTE Button for the Radar Detector
Car PC ( Dell Mini9 - somewhat modified and upgraded ) . The Car PC is connected to an ODBII and can log as well as flash and make adjustments to the ECU .


For the Hard Wired Radar detector:
Mounted by visor runs wire runs into the molding and down behind the A - Pillar ( PLEASE NOTE: When working on your car Electronic or otherwise Disconnect your Car Battery. There is an Air Bag behind most A Pillars in modern vehicles! ), when it gets to the kick panel the power runs up to the fusee box onto a piggyback. You other part runs under the side step guard and under the drivers seat. I took an Escort power adapter apart and put it in a small enclosure. I re soldered wires to the mute button and ran that out to under the center console. I used a a blank button switch which they use to fill un used options and drilled a hole and put a momentary switch in it. The switch wiring is 2 pin connectors used in RC or PC connections so it can be disconnected when working on other things in the center console.

The Wide Band Wiring:
Wide Band runs down through the A- Pillar to the kick panel and power comes up to the fuse box to another pigyback. The other two wires( might be 3 I forget ) are extended to a custom RS 232 connector. This runs behind the radio and behind the glove box. That is plugged into KEYENCE USB to RS 232 adapter. which goes to a small 4 port USB hub all located behind the glove box.

I have a right angle ODBII connector always plugged into the ODBII port ( this is were technicians diagnose your car, or inspectors plug in for inspection ) this goes to a ODBII to USB reader which runs behind the radio and into behind the glove box. This is also plugged into the 4 port USB hub.

The Car PC:
The power is pulled from the 12V cigarette lighter or 12V power outlet if that's what they call it now. It goes to an power adapter that is located between the center console and center arm rest ( tight fit but it works ). The USB runs from the Hub back by the radio and down though the center console. It come back up at the bottom of the center console by the front of the passenger seat and runs up the goose neck PC holder.

The Goose neck PC holder mounts to the front passenger seat bracket

Well I hope with how I wired things it justifies the post as I am very proud of her and the Mods done.

I didn't get into the Boost gauge but it runs down to the power the same way and up through the fenderr flaring and into the engine bay. That was a pain and there might be other ways to do it and you would most certainly be checking out all possible forums for a HOW TO prior to doing it.

Either way that's my Baby!