Introduction: ALOOR CHOP

It is a popular snacks of BENGAL, INDIA, It is usually served in evening with puffed rice and tea.

Step 1: Ingredients

Miscellaneous items.

Step 2: Method

First of all, potato are boiled and smashed well, then add onion paste, garlic paste, ginger paste, dried red chili powder and salt. Mix well all ingredient very. It formed like a soft dough. From it small portions are cut and flatten these portions just liked burger's patty. Now dry gram floor dusted on those patties and keep them aside. It is the time to make a thick batter of gram floor salt and water.Everything is ready. Now in a thick bottom pan or hawk ,enough oil would be allowed to smoky hot. Then minimized the flame of the gas burner. It is the time to fry the CHOP. First dip one patty at a time in the batter of gram floor and then place in the hot to dip fry. When the patty turns golden brown, the chop is ready to serve. powered rock salt dusted on CHOP before serving. ALOOR CHOP is enjoyed with MURI(puffed rice) and CHA(hot tea).

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