Introduction: AMAZING FANLED

This is our demo that makes you see how it works


Firstly, you have to know how the fanled works, in this fanled we have an infrared sensor to determine fan`s speed to set up interrupt and we can create what we want to display

Step 2:

we need to find a motor 12V DC and some things that help to keep the fan linking with the motor.

Step 3:

This is the Capture and Layout files to help you make the PCB with 40 SMD leds and MCU msp430g2553 to create some light effects with your fanled.

You can open it with Orcad 9.2

Step 4:

we coded and debuged the MCU with CCS v6 that TI supplied (student edition).

You can download and install it here :D :D

Step 5: Coding and Debuging

You can add our project and run it

Hope you will success

Step 6:

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