So I made a cool thing to hang on your wall for a party, we are going to call it a snowflake for the time being, because typing "Snowflake" is easier the typing "Party Decoration".

(It will take about 5 minutes)


Paper, Scissors, and optionally a Pencil or Pen.

Step 1: Corner to Corner Fold and Cut

So the first step is to put the paper 'portrait' fold the top left corner down, so that it kind of looks like a sail boat, or a canoe. Then cut off the unwanted paper at the bottom, so it is a triangle.

(Before you do this all, if you have refill paper, or paper with holes on the side of it, then cut them off.)

Step 2: And in Half

Now take your big triangle, and fold it directly in half so it and even smaller triangle.

Step 3: A Tulip

Now take the one corner and fold it forward so that the tip of the corner id above the other side of the paper.(Just look at the photo.) Turn the paper over and repeat the same prosses, so that the amount of paper over the egde is the same on both sides. It should look like, and ice-cream, or a tulip.

Step 4: In Half, and Cut

Now fold yout ice-cream/tulip in half sideways, so that you get a shape that looks something like the Google Maps arrow.turn in on the side were there is a straight line, and cut along there, and shown in the photo.

Step 5: And Finally the Drawing

And finally you can get your pen/pencil, and draw random designs on it, but make sure they are all on the side, and not in the middle, so just do some triangles, squares or circles, on the edges. After that cut out your designs.

(Two things to remember are, 1. DO NOT CUT OFF THE SIDES, OTHERWISE YOUR SNOWFLAKE WILL BE IN HALF! 2. The cutting is a bit hard, so if you are a younger kid, like 4-7 then get an adult to help, if you are under 4, then your parents shouldn't trust you with scissors.)

(Tip: Remember the skinniest corner will be the middle of your snowflake, so do something simple there.)

Step 6: UNFOLD! and Stick on Your Wall/roof

Finally, carefully unfold the paper, and you will have some parts stuck together, but you can cut those apart, CAREFULLY! And now you can hang it up somewhere for your party, or give it to a friend, or just keep it in a box, you can do what ever you want with this work of art.