AMD CPU Cooling Fan Onto a PowerColor ATI Radeon X1650 Graphics Card.

Introduction: AMD CPU Cooling Fan Onto a PowerColor ATI Radeon X1650 Graphics Card.

I have this old PowerColor ATI Radeon X1650 graphics card that still works. But the main problem is that the cooling fan is not sufficient and it pretty much get stuck always. I found an old cooling fan for an AMD Athlon 64 CPU and used that instead.

Step 1: Remove the Old Fan and Heatsink.

Gut out the old fan from the PowerColor graphics card, and detach the heat sink from the circuit board

Screw the AMD fan onto the heatsink. Tighten the heat sink fins around the screws using a long-nosed plier to secure the screws tightly.

Step 2: Mount the Heatsink Again

With the AMD fan screwed tightly to the heatsink, mount the heatsink back to the circuit board.

Step 3: Snip the AMD Fan Power Connector

The fan power connector for the old PowerColor fan is smaller compared to the AMD cooling fan's. Snip out the AMD fan's power connector and replace it with the fan connector from the old fan.

Step 4: Attach the Old Fan

Step 5: Test the Fan.

Using a DC power supply, test if the fan works.

Step 6: Mount the Newly Assembled Graphics Card to the Motherboard.

Step 7: Boot the System.

Step 8: More Pictures

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I have the same card with the same problem. Your solution is much better than mine. (I just used a couple of rubber bands to mount the fan) The reason the original fan got stuck is from dust accumulating between the fan and the housing. You can avoid this by putting a dust filter on your case vents. I now use regular air conditioner filters cut to size. You would be amazed at the amount of dust they catch in a week.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i have cleaned one fan a bunch of times, but that never worked. i got fed up with it and spent $6 for a 50mm fan at princess auto, even if it was a 64mb graphics card