Introduction: AMREU-Advanced Mobility Recon and Exploration Unit

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AMREU-Advanced Mobility Recon and Exploration Unit, we have tried to use legs as the basic navigating system instead of wheels, this provides us with an enviable ability to use the vehicle over a wide variety of topography, irrespective of the type of undulations on the surface from the sludge filled innards of an oil or sewage transporting pipe wherein a conventional wheel can get stuck en-route the mission to the unforgiving tactical battleground wherein stealth and speed is of importance which means the remote control center must have a greater control over the module AMREU scores in all these aspects.

In AMREU, a single power drive has been used, thus decreasing the weight and improving the system reliability. The power requirements and the design has been made such that repairing of the module can be done quite easily and quickly. The Theo Jansen walking mechanism has been used in the module; this helps in better maneuverability of the module and helps in retaining the easy maintenance advantage that has been the cornerstone of the project.

A modular approach has been adopted in case of the payload mounted on the rover; specifically the remote viewing and sensing apparatus thus based on the requirement components can be fitted and removed thus improving the universality of the rover. A single unidirectional power drive has been used, and a direction changing ‘gear box’ has been employed, this has been done to improve the rugged strength of the rover with an extensive focus on the maintenance and the reliability aspects.

Another feature of the rover is the tail, which actually uses a vulture neck technique to attain improved maneuverability this tail provides an easy and cost effective method to actually grab small components or specimen in the field especially in areas where the module is used in recon and exploration, thus giving the operator a very easy way to work in the field.

As far as the usability is concerned the AMREU is designed so as to be a universal carrying vehicle, some of the areas where the module finds functionality are:

• Can be used in areas for remote explorations like rainforests with dense vegetation, extra-terrestrial applications, in areas of high radiation dangers.

• Can be used in areas in pipe cleaning operations and in finding out cracks or holes in low bore pipes

• Due to the presence of the multi utility tail the rover can be utilised in monotonous remote repairing operations

• The construction of the tail is such that the vehicle can reach very hard to reach places like small nooks in between heavy machinery

• The module can be used in military application, especially owing to its walking capability it can be camouflaged and can be seen as an animal

Note-It is a concept design with a mock fabrication. Actual functionality and feasibility are subject to further research and development.

Step 1: Fabrication

Bill of Materials:

-a big MDF board

-metal curtain rods

-rectangular steel flats




-drilling machine

-grinder/ hand-held abrasive tool


-wiper motor

-low rpm/high torque motors


Follow the images attached and refer to the 3d files(solidworks) attached. Optimize as you go since I myself made last minute design changes during fabrication. If you are good with load analysis, you can optimize the design and introduce better iterations and materials. The tail grabber on the top is a work in progress and hence not fabricated.

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