About: As a young kid, my curiosity in electronics was compelling.... why does thunder interrupt the radio reception? ....why does ROBOTs run without any wire?.... and I've been hooked on making thing ever since.

The very first time i think at what a robot does.

that use a water rocket to be an anti missile blocking and raining the earth.

and there is another anti missile robot on boarded the flying water rocket

controlling water rocket(part_3) too !

and ...

the water rockets will not fighting each other because of the rockets

don't burn any fuel and they don't emitting light !

Step 1: Material

it's every part and elements

Step 2: Prototype With UNO

connecting the heart of robot to it's every part

Step 3: Prototype of Launcher Gear Driving by 2003 With UNO

Step 4: Auto Turnning Platform With CD

use an old (wasted) CD, a paper clipper, a washer, a hand drill.
and the PCB read the signal for next move.

Step 5: Connecting Sensors

the platform read POS_v (+5 == LDR == 10K == GND ) from 10K OHM

and read POS_h (+5 == LDR == 10K == GND ) from 10K OHM

so that 10K connecting to UNO PIN A2,A3

Step 6: Connecting the 1602 Displayer(may Remove Aswell)

Step 7: Testting the Robot

the water rocket launcher robot with UNO.
the water rocket controlling robot with mini.

Step 8: Coding

the most complex part it's here !

there are three state(s) and 2 speed(s) :

1)Target is right side upon luncher ==> do the turnning forward with slow.

1')Target is right side upon and near luncher ==> do the turnning forward with fast.then delay 20ms.

2)Target is left side upon luncher ==> do the turnning reverse with slow.

2')Target is left side upon and near luncher ==> do the turnning reverse with fast. then delay 20ms.

3)Target is just right upon luncher ==> do the turnning nothing with delay 0.5 secound.

if there is reading POS_v and POS_h different then do the turning routine else delay 50ms.

4) POS_v > POS_h +3 do the forward routine.

5) POS_h > POS_v +3 do the reverse routine.

else STOP.: shut the stepper motor down and then delay 0.5second.

beside these read the sensors and delays.

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Is that all of the code ?


    Reply 3 years ago

    by the way, the truth is i didn't write down any code about the solar!!

    the truth is that is an idea of bias of the sun, to auto correct the sensor

    from the interference of the sun.


    3 years ago

    Yes, and the code here is the same one in part 2.


    4 years ago

    Neat idea, thanks for sharing how you made this!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you for watching, and thank you too !

    it's my first ROBOT. :-)