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We had recycled the scrap available at our home like Chain sprocket of our bicycle, Plywood and old clock machine. Here we are going to tell how we have used this scrap products. It is very easy to make this clock at home.


1. Old cycle Chain sprocket

2. Diesel / kerosene ( To wash the Chain Sprocket)

3. Plywood

4. Clock Machine

5. Nut Bolts or Loctite

Step 1: Wash the Chain Sprocket by Kerosene / Diesel

Simply wash the Chain Sprocket with diesel to remove all unwanted oil and grease already present in the Chain sprocket.

After Washing the chain sprocket, If the chain sprocket is shining then it's ok.

But if Chain Sprocket is not looking good then use some Oil paint to make it beautiful.

Step 2: Cutting of Plywood in Desired Size

Put the Chain Sprocket over the Plywood and mark dimensions according to the size of Chain Sprocket. Cut the Ply wood with some cutting tool.

We have used 50 MM more space in the right side of Plywood because we wanted to wrote some quotes there Like " Every Thing will be All Right ", " Our Time will Come " etc.

Step 3: Fix the Clock Machine in Between the Chain Sprocket Big Wheel

Mark the dimension of Clock machine on Plywood. Cut the portion where you are going to fix the machine. Also put the chain sprocket on the plywood and check whether all needles of Clock is free to rotate or not. If all the needles are free then fix all the things by loctite (glue). And in case needles having some obstacles then remove the obstacle first then fix all the things with loctite (glue).

Step 4: Insert the Pencil Cell Inside the Machine

Insert the Pencil cell inside the machine and keep the system for at least 12 hours trial period.

Step 5: Fix Some Hanging Arrangement on the Clock

Make some hole behind the plywood to hang it on wall.

Or you can also fix some hanging arrangement to use it at home.

Now this beautiful clock is ready to Use.

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