Introduction: ANZAC Day Cross

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I found some off cuts the looked a good size, these use to part of front fence and were a little bit warped so I ran them over the jointer and flatten one edge and face. I then squared up one end on the mitre saw and cut to final size on the table saw.
The idea of the cross is a simple half lap, and since my table saw can not take a dado blade stack, I use my cross cut sled and make multiple passes to make a dado slowly creeping up on the size I require. I simple repeat the process for the second part to make a tight half lap. The one I made was so tight after the test fit I could not release it and decided to leave it as it was with no glue.

Now my half lap was not flush, this was done on purpose so there was room for the 3mm acrylic of the poppy leafs or stalks. It also gives a little bit of depth to the project. I spray with a clear lacquer to enhance the colour and to protect the wood.

Using some scrap 3mm acrylic, the three colours I require are red, green and black. I simple use spray adhesive to the templates and stick on to the appropriate coloured acrylic.

I then take my time and cut out slowly on the band saw, now if you do not have a band saw a scroll saw will work just as well.

I use my rotary tool to tidy and lightly grind and sand any marks and sand to final shape. I peel off the protective paper and use an expoxy glue to glue it all together.

While I call this the ANZAC cross it can be used for remembrance day and memorial day etc. It is a simple yet effective project.

As normal you can view the video here