Introduction: AR-15/M16 Barrell Vise Block

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here is how i made a barrell vise block for my Colt AR-15. Why spend big bucks for the tools when you can make them yourself? Here are the steps. It took me 15 minutes to make. This vise block is good for when you need to remove your flash supressor from the gun and not scratch the finish of the expensive/collectable rifle.

Step 1: STEP 1. Gather Your Supplies

All that is needed for this project can be found already in your workshop.

supplies:  power drill, tape measure, saw or power saw, friction tape, at least 8 inches of scrap 2x4, 9/16 boring bit, and a becnh vise.

Step 2: STEP 2: Cutting and Boring the 2x4 Block

start by measuring and cutting the scrap 2x4 into two 4 inch sections. after you have cut them place them together upright in to the bench vise and begin to bore a hole through the center. keep the drill as straight as you can so the boring bit goes in at a good angle so as not to get cockeyed and off center. The X on the wood is good to draw so you can easily tell which way the blocks are to paired up when it comes time to clamp it onto your gun.

Step 3:

after the block has been drilled (bored) out it will look like this. this is where the barrel will fit into when you clamp it into the vise. The last step is to line the wood channel with friction tape so the wood does not mar the gun finish and also to provide a bite to the metal to prevent slipping.

Step 4:

this is how the block will work.  now you are able to remove the flash supressor easily and you will not mar the gun barrel at al!