AR Fortune Telling Card

Introduction: AR Fortune Telling Card

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It's a fun project!

Step 1: Thermochromic Ink

I use the thermochromic ink to paint to each card

The mixture are

- Thermochromic Ink powder (20 g)

- Fabric Glue

- Water

Step 2: The Heat Pad

I use the circuit done above and plugin with the 9v Battery to get my conductive thread heat up :)

The white dashed line is the conductive thread the black is ground and the red one is the power!

Step 3: AR App

the AR app was done by Unity using Vuforia to make it happen.

This is a series of the AR tutorial I watch to get it working :)

Step 4: Demo Video

The video shows the process and how to play with the cards

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    i bought a tarot deck a dozen years ago and about the only thing it could be missing is a Heads-Up Display. this is impressive, thank you.