How to build an FM radio (88-108 MHz) that also displays the outside temperature received from an emitter using the nrf24l01 module at the 2.4GHz frequency.

The menu is intuitive and works with a rotary encoder.

Choose from the menu what interests you !!! Good luck!

1.Radio frequency

2.Audio volume


4.Display contrast

5.The back light

Step 1: Order Your Parts!

Step 2: Create the Circuit! Create the Circuit After the Sketch in the Image

The RX is the home receiver and the TX is the outside transmitter that transmits our temperature.

Great attention !!!

Do not confuse the frequency of the FM radio (88-108MHz) with the radio frequency of the temperature transmitter (2.4GHz) !!!

Step 3: Upload the RX Code!

Step 4: Upload the TX Code!

Step 5: Build a Casing or a Box!

One thing is not complete if it's not his case. Your imagination can create any casing. For example, I built a 3D print. To be more interesting I reinterpreted one vintage style. More details here