I want to show you in this "Instructable" how to control a brushless motor with Arduino.

Step 1: Parts Required

1.- Arduino UNO

2.- Battery and Compact Charger

3.- ESC

4.- BrushLess Motor

5.- Battery and Motor/ESC connectors

5.- Breadboard

6.- Wire

7.- PC with Arduino IDE

I bought some components by Internet:

1.- BrushLess Motor/ESC/Propeller/connectors set:

2.- Battery

3.- Compact Charger

Step 2: Battery Charge

We need to charge de battery, then connect the charger to the power and 3 green LED lights will illuminate. Then connect the battery to the charger and 3 red LED lights will illuminate. When the 3 battery cells are 100% the 3 green LED lights will illuminate.

Step 3: Soldering Connectors

We need to solder some components:

1.- BrushLess Motor

2.- ESC

Step 4: Upload Arduino Program Control

We need to load the program that controls the ESC/Motor

- Code:

/*Coded by Marjan Olesch
Sketch from Open source - do what you want with this code!

#include <servo.h>

int value = 0; // set values you need to zero

Servo firstESC, secondESC; 

//Create as much as Servoobject you want. 
//You can controll 2 or more Servos at the same time

void setup() {

  firstESC.attach(9);    // attached to pin 9 I just do this with 1 Servo
  Serial.begin(9600);    // start serial at 9600 baud


void loop() {

//First connect your ESC WITHOUT Arming. Then Open Serial and follo Instructions
    value = Serial.parseInt();    // Parse an Integer from Serial


Step 5: Create Sketch

Once uploaded to the Arduino sketch by the USB wire then we connect motor brushless with the ESC. And we connect the ESC to the Arduino like:

- ESC Green wire -> GND Arduino

- ESC Red wire -> Null (dont connect because its possible that the usb port PC will crash)

- ESC Yelow wire -> PIN 9 Arduino

Open the monitor serial at Arduino IDE and write 700 ( it's the minimum value for the motor)

Connect the battery to the ESC

And it will sound some melody from the ESC.

You can write at serial monitor diferent values like ( 750,800,900,..., maximum value is 1900 for this motor)