Introduction: ARDU_Terra - Terrarium Control With PLC (simatic) Comunication

My younger Son bought the Phelsuma. This gecko needs special environment for propper growing. Two months ago I found a similar project. But my expectation was not fulfilled. This Project contains features as below:
- Temperature and humidity control based on The DHT11

- Day and Night lithing control based on the NPT clock

- Basic parameters displayed on the LCD 1602

- Humidity and temperature send to the platform

- Support OTA

- Communication with my Siemens Home automation system (S7-1200 and HMI KTP400) based on Settimo library

Used devices:

Wemos D1

LCD 1602 with HD4478 - remove and the end

8 Relay board


Power supply 12V

Ultrasonic Humidifier

Rayhem heating cord

Small lamp with blue led

USB and EU plugs and socet


Wiring diagram i will add ASAP

Step 1: Electrical Connections

Based on my electrical experience i made heat stone using rychem heating cable,
Wemos, power supply, and relays were assembled on the plate. Electrical connections were made according to wemos specification, The diagrams will be published soon

Step 2:

Program based on free libraries, how the program working please see the comments in the code,

Visualization in tia portal use the data from the DB block in PLC. Wemos communicate with PLC using Settimo library