Introduction: ASIMO

Hi guys this is my 1st project on instructables and I really like the contests. I'm really excited about my project because it's a humanoid robot :)

This robot can move in all directions and can also move it's hands and head. The best part about this robot is the structure of it. The real asimo is costly and is very hard to make because it has AI system, face recognition, face detection , movable wrists and IT CAN WALK. #notaffordable so we made ASIMO 2.0.

My asimo took a lot of time to make so please don't forget to vote and like ;)


  • White chart paper
  • Glue
  • Printouts (link on the page)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Battery
  • Arduino nano
  • Wires
  • Motor driver L293D
  • dc gear motors BO02 (6)
  • Wheels
  • Servo motors
  • Glue gun
  • Soldering machine
  • Scale
  • Foam board
  • Addressable LED's

Step 1: Making of the Paper Craft Asimo Body (3 Feet)

Hi everyone let's get started with Asimo. First thing you have to do is print the paper craft of Asimo and stick it to any chart paper ( I recommend a white chart paper). After pasting it, cut it properly so that all the parts of Asimo look perfect. Fold along the dotted lines and paste it to similar parts and make the body.

Step 2: Motors, Wheels and Wiring

Now you need the servo motors and the servo arm to connect it with the servo motor. Stick the servo motor (using a glue gun) to the torso on the circles and rectangles. Now stick the servo arm on the head and the arms of the ASIMO. Programming the servo motor will be shown in the end using arduino.

Attach a foam board beneath the legs of the Asimo so we have space for arduino board and the wires.

Attach the 6 dc gear motors to the foam bard in such a way that the motor shaft should face outside the foam board. Fix the wheels to the motor shaft. Solder the wires like shown and use a small amount of glue on the soldered wire so the wire doesn't come out.

Step 3: Arduino, Circuit Diagram.

Dear friends,

By using tinkercad I've shown all the circuit diagrams. Please click video to see the steps.

Tinkercad is a website where you can deign 3d objects and design any circuit. This app has helped me make many objects such as gomboc, covid19 key rings and many more objects.

Please do not skip any part of the video.

Step 4: Arduino Programming(using Tinkercad Circuits)

Here is another link for the video I've made for the programming of Asimo.

Make sure to watch the video till the end.

Step 5: Powering Up the Asimo Robot.

Dear friends,

These are last few steps we did to complete the circuit ;

  • After setting up the wiring of the robot according to the tinkercad wiring we have used 11.1v li-ion battery for the robot.
  • To power arduino, servo motor and Addressable Led we have connected 7805 ic regulator to get constant 5v with heat sink
  • finally Added a switch to on and off the robot.

This is a similar Asimo I made recently.

In future we are going to add hco5 so that we can operate the robot with mobile apps. so if you liked the robot, let us know by commenting and voting .

We will be upgrading the robot day by day.

Happy Learning .



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