Introduction: AT89S52 - Veroboard & Upcycling Components

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Build your own ancestor of Arduino with upcycled components.

32 I/O programmable. Is this an ISP programmable microcontroller.

Easy and instructive build project.

(Ok... i buy Veroboard for this one, or you could do it on breadboard)


Step 1: Find Components

- 2 x 22 pF Ceramic capacitors

- 2 x 180 ohm Resistor 1/4W

- 1 x 10k ohm Resistor 1/4W

- 2 capacitor 10uF (could put 10uF or 1uF for reset)

- 1 capacitor 1uF

- 1 x 20 MHz Oscillator 2 points

- 1 x LM7805 Regulator 5V

- 1 x Interruptor 2 positions

- 1 x USB B female connector

- 4 x 8 pins male headers

- 2 x 4 pins male headers

- 1 x AT89S52 Microcontroller

- 1 x Veroboard

- 2 x Leds 3mm (1 red and 1 green) for check supply

Required: Stuff for soldering.

Note, all components was upcycled. You could find them on electronic waste.

I've just buy Veroboard.

Step 2: Soldering

Follow previous schematic for soldering components on Veroboard.

Warning: Try on breadboard before solder.

Step 3: Checking

Check power supply with Leds.

Put the microcontroller in good position. Point on corner of AT89S52 is first pin.

It's an Arduino looks like with old stuff.

Step 4: Upload Your Program

Now it's time for programming microcontroller. Choose your method, and try a Blink code for testing it.

I'm using a professionnal ISP programmer with ZIF socket for upload hex file. You could program it with an Arduino Uno and using goods pins.

Upcycle for fun.

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