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List of Materials:
·      1 Packages of Sugru
       4 screws
       4 nut
·      2 Paper cone cups
·      1 Cutter
·      Vaseline
·      Toothpick or a little steel wire
       Pcb atari punk
       2 potentiometers
       556 chip
       1/4 audio jack
       1 topper

///////// ALERT
In this tutorial we will focus on how to put an atari punk Sugru their buttons.
see in this link.

create by: Juan Pablo

Step 1: Assemby 1:

We present the plastic container with the 4 nuts and 4 bolts screws
Put in the plastic container the 4 nuts.
Put inside the plastic container the 4 bolts.
Assemble the PCB made from the Atari Punk inside the plastic container.

Once the PCB is assembled , screw the nuts and bolts together and finish assembling the plastic container with the Atari Punk

Step 2: PCB Adjusted:

In this step as you can see we have the PCB adjusted to the plastic cover of the container.

After that we will integrate the 1/4 of audio inside the plastic container

Step 3: Swith Mount:

Now in this step, we are going to put the switch inside the plastic container so we can turn on and off the Atari Punk

Step 4: Cutting :

Cut the points of the paper cone cups approximately 3 centimeters, this is going to be our mould.

Step 5: Molding :

Spread a small amount of Vaseline in the interior of the paper cone, this will allow you to prevent
that the material sticks to the mould.

Filled with Sugru the point of the paper cone cups (previously cut), making sure the filling is evenly put and
doesn’t have air; also we suggest you to make a little cut on the extreme of the paper cone, making the unmoulding easier.

Step 6: Assemby 2:

With the Sugru still fresh we insert the rugged point of our potentiometer, making sure is center.
Once is correctly moulded, with the cutter take of the paper very gently.

Step 7: Texture:

Before it dries, with the toothpick or littler steel wire you can add texture to the knobs.

Step 8: Finish :

24 hours later, the material will dry taking on a latex-like consistency, but much more resistant.

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