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Introduction: ATAT Motorized Automata

About: I'm a 3D modeller and works in the animation industry. I'm an amateur 3D printer enthusiast and loves to see my models comes to life.

Hello again everyone, from my last project I just started to learn about making automata using tinkercad and I was hooked. Now i present to you my new automata project the Star Wars 4-legged ATAT.

I made the diorama/automata from the battle of hoth scene from episode V where luke was on a snowspeeder and tries to takedown an ATAT by harpooning its legs.

I made the base for all the mechanism to look like an ice wall since its on Hoth Ice planet.

The automata consist of the ATAT's 4 legs walking, head turning sideways and the snowspeeder circling around the ATAT. It will be powered by 2x N20 motors and an internal powerbank to power it.

Please take note that this is an intermediate level project so be vigilant when assembling the automata.

You can find more of my 3d printing stuff at or


  1. N20 dc motors - 15-20rpm x2
  2. Electrical Connector Block
  3. TP4056, DC-DC buck converter - USB to lithium battery with protection
  4. Lithium battery 18650 3.7v
  5. Lithium battery 18650 1 cell holder
  6. Wires - AWG24
  7. Rocker switch 2pins - 15x10mm
  8. M3 screw - 8mm, 12mm, nut
  9. Lubricant - grease
  10. glue

and of course a 3d printer to print all the parts.. all part will be able to fit into a 200x200mm printer

Step 1: Modelling Everything With Tinkercad

The modelling was all done using tinkercad and was split into 3 sections

  1. The leg mechanism
  2. The speeder circling mechism
  3. The head turn mechanism

All 3 mechanism uses different types of gears. I did a lot of research on gears to see what works for each mechanism.

1-Leg mechanism

All 4 legs are powered by a single N20 motor that is connected very intricately with gears to rotate both clockwise and counter clockwise to help with a smooth rotation.

2- Speeder mechanism

the speeder would circle the whole base and atat so i made 4 post from the base to hold onto a 90 teeth ring gear.

3- The atat head turns

At first i wanted to use a single motor to power the whole automata but that means i had to make a gear mechanism that would transfer rotation power from the base to the ATAT body and head. Althought i got it to work, the torque that the motor was turning was too powerful that the 3d printed parts was starting to break apart. In the end I added another N20 motor in the atat body to make the head turns

After all the mechanism was completed, I concerntrated on making the ATAT details. Learning from past experience from the x-wing, I separated all the laser cannon so if 1 broke, you dont need to print the whole head again.

Modelling the ATAT was the easy part. after that i separated all the parts for easy 3d printing. If you have a very tuned 3d printer, you wont need to support a lot of the parts.

As always, all 3d stl models can be found here or or

Step 2: Assembling the Automata

The assembly stages will be divided into 9 parts:

  1. Motor mount
  2. Center gear mount
  3. Leg gear mount
  4. Ring gear mount
  5. Powerbank and motor wiring
  6. Base complete
  7. ATAT body and head gear
  8. ATAT legs
  9. Snowspeeder assembly

The base mount assembly has a lot of intricate parts and needs to be done step by step for it to be able to work together

tip: you might want to paint the ATAT and base before assembly to make painting easier

Step 3: Assembly - Motor Mount

The motor mount is a straight forward assembly.

It would work easier if you solder the wiring for motor before assembly. Make sure that the wiring is made so that the motor would turn clockwise.

Insert a nut into the gear and screw using m3 8mm.. Attach the gear onto the motor and tighten the screw.

You'll need 2 m3 10mm screws to hold the motor in place.

Insert the gear rod into the holes and add some lubricant so it turns smoothly in the holes.

Add another nut into an opening on the mount so you can screw the motor mount to the base from the bottom.

Step 4: Assembly - Center Gear Mount

The center gear mount will distribute all the movement thoughout the legs and ring gear from the motor.

Insert the wires inside the center pole and leave about 50mm protruding out on the top.

Screw the pole to the center mount with 2x 12mm screws

Lube the gear holes and insert into the mount. each side has different size. make sure to put it in the right side.

Follow though the wires from the holes on the side of mount to the bottom.

Add the wire to the terminal block with corresponding colors

Insert nut on the bottom of mount and screw it to the base together.

Step 5: Assembly - Leg Gear Mount

The leg assembly is a bit tricky with the center gear but if done properly its not that hard

The center gear needs 2 spacers in between the 24 teeth gear before inserting the middle beam. add lubricant on the holes for smoother rotations.

At the end of each side will insert the 12 teeth gear

When adding the 4 outer gears make sure the holes align on each side.. the holes should be opposite each other on left and right side of the mount.

When adding the leg hook.. make sure the hook is facing outward and insert the small pins too hold them.

You'll need to make 2 sets of the mount for the front and back legs. the leg hooks should be also opposite each other from the front and back legs. So that when the front right leg is raised.. the back right leg is on the ground and vice versa.

Add the nut at the bottom of the mount and screw it onto the base

Step 6: Assembly - Ring Gear Mount

The battery gear mount is a straight forward install.

You'll need a flat head m3 screw to screw the battery holder to the side of the mount.

Insert the wiring through the hole for easy cable management.

Do not install the battery.. that should be done last once everything is wired up.

insert the gear rod onto the holes and dont forget to lube the holes first.

Here's the tricky part.. installing the ring gear.

The ring gear should be facing downward and it should be slotted into a crevice at the top of each mount.

Slot the ring gear onto the motor mount first and the leg mount after that.. you'll need to use a bit of force to slot the ring gear on all 3 crevice.

The last mount will be the battery gear mount. insert it from the bottom of the ring gear into the base slot

Once everything fits in.. screw the mount onto the base.

Work the wires safely through the wire holes on the center base..

Install the 24teeth gear at the end of the rod gear of motor and ring mount

Step 7: Assembly - USB Powerbank and Motor Wiring

Just follow the wiring diagram and you should be golden.

Solder 2 wires to the rocker first and install it onto the base

Then solder all 4 wires from battery and connector block to the USB dc charger board following the diagram

Once done.. hotglue the USB board and connector block to the base

Make sure no wires are tangled into the gears

Install a lithium battery 18650 and test it out. you might want to test charge it as well.. A led light should light up if your charging.

Once everything checks out, take out the battery to be safe.

Step 8: Assembly - Base Complete

Install the 2 square pins onto the plate.. It should be flush at the top with the plate and protruding downward.

Align the center hole and insert the plate.. The pins should be inserted into the holes on the 2 leg mounts.

Install the 2 walls of the base and screw them with 10mm screws

And you have completed the base for the ATAT automata.

CONGRATS.. you're half way there

Step 9: Assembly - ATAT Body and Head

Insert the main body to the center pole.. The body should be facing the opposite side of the rocker switch and USB port

Install the gear to the front body with a pin.. As usual dont forget to lube the holes.

Squeeze the wires to the hole and insert the motor mount and screw it down.

Install the motor and tighten the screw on top of motor mount to secure it in place.

The wiring for the motor doesnt matter since it will only make the head turn left and right.

Solder the wires to the motor

Now install the front body to the main body.. The pins on the bottom of the gear should be inserted into the head driver

Now install the ATAT head to the head driver

Test out the whole mechanism before closing the body up.

Step 10: Assembly - ATAT Legs

When printing the feets, it would be good if it was printed heavier than the other parts cause gravity would drop the foot better and make it land on the plate flat making it looks better touching the plate.

Assembly is straight forward and dont forget to lube the holes except for the foot bottom hole.

The foot bottom hole has a latch inside that the hook will grab on to pull the foot up and down making the walking effect.

The foot with a notch hole on the side should be on the inside of the leg.

To install the legs to the hook, you'll need to turn on the motor until the hook reaches the peak. This needs to be done for each individual hook.

To install the foot to the hook, the foot needs to he inserted into the hole sideway from the outside. Once the hook catches the latch on the inside of the foot.. the hook will stop the foot from raising above certain height and pulls down the foot when it reaches the floor of the plate.

Do this 3 more times following left or right side of the legs and you should be good

The final pin will link the legs to the main body and making the illusion of movement of the ATAT.

Step 11: Assembly - Finale

Now all you have to do is install the snowspeeder with its holder to the ring gear and the star wars logo on the other side of the ring.

If you'd like you can also insert a short 1.75mm filament to the back of the snowspeeder to look like its shooting a harpoon towards the ATAT. I made a hole just for that purpose.

And with that you are finished.

Step 12: Conclusion

It took me a month to make the automata with a lot of trial and errors.. And a lot of reprints..

tip: Other things you can play around is the leg hook positioning to have the ATAT walk timing differently.

It was a challenge to apply which gear mechanism works for each moving part but it was fun challenge. I hope everyone have a great time making this automata as much as i did.

Good luck and happy 3d printing..

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8 months ago

I m finalizing cool so far, congrats for this amazing project....I m anxious to see same concept for AT-ST! Thank you for sharing!!


1 year ago

Just Amazing !!!


1 year ago

Damn! I don't know if this could have turned out better!


1 year ago


Muhammad FasyaD
Muhammad FasyaD

Reply 1 year ago

not really.. but thanks.. ahahaha


1 year ago on Introduction

ive done some stuff in tinkercad...never dreamed it could do elaborate stuff like going to have to revisit.....great project

Muhammad FasyaD
Muhammad FasyaD

Reply 1 year ago

im used to using 3d animation software like autodesk maya and 3dmax.. but since im playing with 3d printing, tinkercad has been my go to software cause of the real world measurements.. plus its free


1 year ago

The best reason for buying a 3D printer I've ever seen. Would love to see this with some LED's in the laser canons or the window at the front of the AT-AT. Awesome!

Muhammad FasyaD
Muhammad FasyaD

Reply 1 year ago

getting a 3d printer was the best investment i did.. everything i design can now come to life

Josiah Miller
Josiah Miller

1 year ago

WHOA! this is pretty amazing!

Muhammad FasyaD
Muhammad FasyaD

Reply 1 year ago

thank you.. have fun making it..