Introduction: ATM Machine Using Arduino (Finger-print+RFID Card)

Hello friends ,I come back with new idea of ATM machine using Arduino .It can be helpful in rural areas where cashless services are not possible.It is a little idea .I hope you enjoyed it.

Let get started............

Step 1: Components Required:

Arduino UNO.

GSM 900 (any GSM Module).

Finger-print scanner Module(GT511).


Lcd 16*2.

12v Motor.


12Volt 3Amp adater.

ULN 2003 and relay.


Voltage regulator 7805.

Any piece of sheet for body(I use sunboard).


Step 2: Libraries Required:

EEPROM (inbuilt).

LCD library (inbuilt).

Finger print (GT511)

you can download here:

Key pad library:

you can download here

Step 3: CODE:

You can download code from here:

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram shown in figure:

i add isis design for simulation