Introduction: ATMEL AT89S52 + RFM70 for Wireless Data Transmission !

I have interfaced RFM70 a 2.4GHz RF Module with ATMEL's AT89S52 microcontroller and used it for wireless communication. 

Microcontroller i have used :- ATMEL- AT89S52.
Programmer for ATMEL:- TOPWIN Universal Programmer.
RF Module:- RFM70 from HOPE RF.
Communication between Microcontrolller and RF module:- SPI

Here is the Pictures of that project.


Step 1: Assembling Power Supply

First step is to assemble the components for the Power supply, Here i have used 7805.

Step 2: Board With PhoneJack,Crystal and LEDs

Here i have assembled Power Supply, Crystal and other Indication LEDs on board.

Step 3: Wiring Side !

Solder Side of the General Purpose Board.

Step 4: Interfacing With RFM70

Here is the interfacing with RFM70 Module.

Step 5: Complete Board

Here is the Complete Board, And Ready to Use. :)

Step 6: And Finally Running Project

Here is the Snap of the running Project. ;)

Step 7: Video for You

Here is the Video for you guys,

There is pair of transmitter and receiver. BLUE LED blinks everytime data is being transmitted and at receiver side the GREEN LED blinks if the receiver receives the data.

I don't know that how to Embed the Video. :(
Here is the link for the video :- Click Here

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