Introduction: ATV/Portable Bluetooth Stereo

Here's how I made a portable Bluetooth capable stereo that is great for your ATV, shop, or party.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

I wish I had more pictures, but most of the pictures were lost due to a corrupted SD card that I unfortunately could not recover all data from.

For this project I used:
Lepai LP-2020a+

16 gauge speaker wire

MPow portable Bluetooth 3.0 receiver

AUX cord

PYLE PLMR60W 150-Watt 6.5-Inch 2-Way Marine Speakers (White)

Replacement LCD 60W 12V 5A adapter charger for Benq LCD Monitors:FP2081, etc

6 inch PVC pipe

2 6 inch PVC 90 degree elbows

Velcro tape

1 8 inch piece of recycled pallet wood

1 3 inch hinge

Krylon fusion spray paint


Jig saw

bolts and nuts


Drill bits

Gate latch

2 nylon straps

PVC glue


Step 2: Measure and Cut Your Pipe

I designed this to fit across the front of an ATV. Measure out the length you will need while keeping in mind the added length the elbows will add. After deciding what length you need cut your pipe to size. After you have the main part also measure and cut out two 1 inch sections. More on what the 1 inch sections are for later.

Step 3: Cut Out Door

I added a 5 inch by 4 inch door to easily access the amp and inside. Find the center of your pipe and carefully measure out the door. I then used a drill bit the size of my jigsaw blade to drill a small hole in the bottom center of where the door will be. Make sure to stay on the inside of the line. The hole will be covered by the latch later. Then use your saw to carefully cut out the door.

Step 4: Paint

Make sure to use paint made for PVC. I used krylon fusion which binds well. I have seen some use truck bed lining paint which works well. Before you paint give the whole thing a quick sanding so the paint will stick better. Make sure you wipe off excess dust with a damp cloth and allow it to fully dry. Be careful not to breath in any of the dust or paint particles. A well ventilated area, a mask, and eye protection is highly recommended. The paint will run easily on the PVC so be careful. Wipe off any runs quickly. I painted my first coat and allowed to dry for almost two hours before the next coat.

Step 5: Prep the Elbows for the Speakers and Painting.

This is where you will use the 1 inch sections that you cut earlier. The screws for The speakers will need something to bind into. Take a section and glue it into the end of an elbow. Make sure you are ready to get it as flush as possible quickly. PVC pipe glue dries quickly. I left these to cure for several hours before painting. I then painted the elbows and put another coat of paint on the main section. This is where you will use the stencil to add any customizations you wish.

Step 6: Connect Speaker Wire to Your Speakers.

Measure out the length of wire you will need to go from your speakers to the amp. Attach the wire to your speaker. Then Attach the speakers to the elbows with screws.

Step 7: Attach Amp and Bluetooth to Board. Connect Your Wires.

Using Velcro tape I positioned the amp to the center of the board. I also put some along the edges of the board so it would not move easily inside the pipe. I attached the Bluetooth receiver so it can be easily removed to charge. Run your speaker wires to your amp and attach. Attach the elbows to the main pipe. I attached mine without glue and the elbows have not moved despite bumping into things. I attached the aux cord between the amp and Bluetooth to use with any non Bluetooth devices.

Step 8: Attach the Hinge and Latch.

Instead of the supplied screws with the hinge and latch I drilled holes and attach with nuts and bolts. Use whichever you think looks better.

Step 9: Power

For at home I am using the power adapter I listed. The amp comes with an adapter but it is seriously under powered. Using the right hardware you can also connect this to your atv, car, or battery. The Lepai amp is versatile. A quick internet search will show you multiple ways to power it.

Step 10: Enjoy the Good Times.

I was happily surprised by how it sounds. The biggest surprise was just how much bass it has. I got the nylon straps from harbor freight to use as carrying straps.