ATX POWER BANK Upgrade to 15V




Introduction: ATX POWER BANK Upgrade to 15V

This power band was built previously with standard 120W ATX PC power. No good result, as it was a cheap generic made by a NO BRAND, it only delivers 11V up to 2.5A

This time, I found a trashed Laptop Power adaptor, made a small upgrade

Step 1: Take Off Everthing From Old ATX

As shown, the huge circuit of ATX power does very little compares to a 15V/5A power supply from a dead TOSHIBA laptop.

Step 2: Get the DC-DC Ajustable Converter and Install

Here is a link of newer version of DC-DC converter with display, better than the one i used.

easy as it should be, just remember to isolate the variable resister from the metal cabinet.

Step 3: Finaly Can Drive a Wireless Drill?

The fact is, the power supply from TOSHIBA is good, delivers 15V/5A, enough to spin a Black & Decker drill directly, however when the drill gets some load, it rises up more than 6A, will stop the power supply, it turns OFF then On in 2", fine to protect the circuit, no need of a fan to keep it cool.

Enjoy my instructable, and make yours.

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    Tthank you.
    I'd like use car lternator to power on hashboard asic miner(l3+ 800w that ha 4 of them and any of them got 250w)
    The car's aletrnator output is 14v
    I need circut for convert 14v to 12v for power on the hashboard. That runs by 12v 200w.
    My idea is generate electricity with mown engine. Whitout use convertor 12v dc to ac 220. I would like to use 14v for power on asic directly whitout power modules. (220v 1600w)

    Can i use Atx to convert 14v to 12v with 20A or higher? I need a circut for this convert. For lower cost. My asic has 4 of hashboards.
    Are the voltage and Current damage hashboard?

    Is it possible?
    What is your proposal?