ATX Bench Power Supply Hack

Introduction: ATX Bench Power Supply Hack

Hello Guys!

This is my very first instructable :) so let´s begin!

- Do you have a ATX Power Supply from an old PC laying arround? Do you want to have a almost free Power Supply for your electronics?


I had my ATX on my working bench serving as a power supply, but with a lot of messy wires comming out, so i decided to mod it to have 5 output only:

GND, 3.3V, 5V, 12V and -12V

I also wanted to turn it on and off when necessary so I need a power switch
And of course a LED for Power-on and a LED for Stand-by.

So let´s see...

Step 1: What You Need!

You will need:

2x 220ohm or 270ohm resitor

2x LED lights (you choose the color) (1.5v)

5x Male Connectors (Bullet, Banana or other of your choice)

5x Respective Female Connectors

1x Metal Drill

1x Switch button (i used a old pc rocker button)

Hot Glue gun

Soldering Iron and solder

Something to sand off excess metal bits

Step 2: Cutt the Case and Choose Wires

1- Now you need to open the power supply just unscrewing the top plate.

2- Then draw what you need to cut in the places you want

3- Cut the box with the metal drill bit as in the image

4- Sand sharp edges and excess metal bits

5- Select the wires you will need for the outputs, if you want GND, 3.3V, 5V, 12V and -12V select this:

GND: Black wire

3.3V: Orange Wire

5V: Red Wire

12V: Yellow Wire

-12V: Blue Wire

Power LED: red Wire for anode and black Wire for catode

Stand-by LED: purple Wire for anode and black wire for catode

Switch: Green Wire and black Wire for Switch ends

Note: if you want to use more than 2A on each output, I recommend to use for example, 2 red wires to make sure the wires don´t melt! (I did it to black, red and yellow).

Step 3: Solder and Glue

Now it is the tricky part!

1- Gather all the remaining wires, cut them and hot glue the tips like in the picture 1

2- For the LED Lights:

Power LED: Red Wire for anode and black Wire for catode

Stand-by LED: Purple Wire for anode and black wire for catode

Switch: Green Wire and black Wire for Switch ends

For the LED´s you need to put a resistor to drop tension from 5v to 1.5v (soder it to positive of the led, as in the 3rd image)

3- Put the LED´s and the switch in place.

4- Soder all the wires to the female connectors and put them in place

5- Hot glue everything thight in place

Step 4: Mount, Label and Test

Now the fun part!

1- Mount the top plate in place

2- Label the outputs, switch and LED´s

3- Plug it to the wall socket and hope it doesn´t blow up (kidding :p)

4- Test the outputs with your multimeter or voltimeter

5- Wire the male connectors as tou want! ( I made an external dock to plug the wires from the male connectors so I can extend the capacity of wiring external things)

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1 year ago

forgive my ignorance but why would one need -12v and how would you use it


Reply 1 year ago

To make +24 volt. Use +12 as positive and -12 as negativr to output +24 volt ;)


6 years ago

Welcome to the club: Just a note to let you know I have added this instructable to the collection: Encyclopedia of ATX to Bench Power Supply Conversion

>> Take a look at about 70 different approaches to this project. This topic is one of the more popular of all instructables.


Reply 6 years ago

thanks a ton!
glad to help other people :)