Introduction: ATtiny Programming Shield for Arduino

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This was made to program ATtiny85 and ATtiny2313 micro controllers using one ZIFF socket. I suspect it would be compatible with more versions of the ATtiny, but these are the 2 i am familiar with.

A  10uF capacitor and 10K resistor are needed when programming the ATtiny2313 and is not needed when programming the ATtiny85 so there is a 2 pin jumper to disconnect them and reconnect as needed.  

There is a power on LED as well as an LED for each ATtiny connected to Pin 3 for the 85 and Pin 11 for the 2313. They can be used with the blink sketch for testing shield operations. 
In the IDE the pin numbers would need to be changed to 4 for the 85 and 8 for the 2313 if you want the LED's to work with the blink sketch.

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