Introduction: AUTO-TRASH BOX

How to make an auto sensor trash can using Arduino__


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Step 1: Materials You Will Need

1. USB cable

2. Bread Board

3. Motor

4. Ultrasound sensor

The out-side box:

1. A shoebox or a cardboard box

2. Some cardboard or a popsicle stick

( The cardboard/ popsicle stick is to attach to the motor spinner, so it can lift the box cover.)

Step 2: Circuits

The circuits for this project is easy and simple to do.

Connect your motor and sensor to your Arduino board and the breadboard like the picture on top then your all set for the circuits.

Step 3: The Box

Find any box, poke a hole to put the sensor and the USB cable. The motor should be put inside the box and the side of the box so the motor can lift the cover of the box.

Step 4: The Code

You can copy the code from here:

Step 5: The Final Project

The final project should look something like this.